The specialty of perio-prothesis science was initiated by Dr. Henry Goldman Dean of the graduate school of Dentistry Boston University in conjunction with Dr. Walter Cohen Dean of Pennsylvania school of Dentistry back in 1960. At this time it was a 2 year program, one year at the Henry Goldman School of Graduate of Dentistry at Boston University and the second year at the Pennsylvania dental school of Dentistry.

Dean Henry Goldman and Dean walter Cohen are the main authors of the book”Periodontal Therapy” which was named among Periodontists the Bible of  Periodontology Science .

As a sequence of the Periodontal disease the teeth loose its bony support under the gums and move from its original position and eventually removed (extracted). Between those two phases of loose teeth and lost teeth the science of Periodontal Prosthesis was created to treat loose teeth on one hand and replace missing teeth on the other hand .

The crown and bridge restorations were needed to anchor(splint) loose teeth together and restore missing teeth due to the Periodontal disease.


In 1985 Professor Branemark ,Orthopedic Surgeon from Sweden,  presented 30 years studies of Implants success in the jaw bones at the North America meeting.

The criteria of successful implant has been established in Harvard consensus meeting in 1982 and since then Implants has been the prime choice for teeth replacement.

Implant now has been incorporated in the perio-prosthesis science as an integral part in replacing missing teeth and in full mouth porcelain restorations.