The perio-ortho science is specialized to realign protruded and extruded (elongated) teeth after being moved from its normal alignment . The cause of this abnormality is mainly due to the loss of bone under the gums due to periodontal disease leading to such undesirable look and smile of the patient.

The periodontal Prosthesis clinic is unique in this approach as we deal with these cases by our team work of specialists Periodontist, the Orthodontist, and sometimes the Prosthodontist in most severe cases .

These multi specialties combined is called MULTIDISCIPLINARY APPROACH which is considered to be one of the most unique features of the PERIODONTAL PROSTHESIS CLINIC for the last 40 years.

Congenital Defects

We handle cases starting from young children that were born with jaw discrepancies up to young adults who have grown with theses problems . AVOIDING SERIOUS ORTHOGNATIC SURGERIES THAT COULD HAVE COMPLICATIONS MORE THAN SUCCESSFULL RESULTS . Only through conservative functional orthodontic appliance a child of six to eight years old could be treated when the growth centers of his or her jaws are active that we could save him or her in the future from drastic ORTHOGNATIC SURGERY in his or her twenties .

Adult Orthodontics

These cases usually are involved with periodontal disease and the teeth have been displaced from their original positions due to their severe mobility (wandering teeth). The teeth might look protruded sometimes out of the lips and spaced out (separated) from each others with undesirable look and smile. The patient usually hide his smile due to his undesirable look. This might have an impact on the psychological level and cause severe depression and isolation of the patient from his social community and friends.